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  1. codex-13

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    Please use this thread to discuss Mission 5 of the Alone in the Dark Web DLC. Feel free to post theories, hints, and nudges here, but please do not post the answer!
    Spoiler tags are your friend.
    [spoiler]Spoiler tags are your friend.[/spoiler]
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  2. NomenLuni

    NomenLuni Senior Agent

    I'm stuck on 5.2
    Trying to decipher the pastebin file without much success. I'm certain the decryption key is related to Russian space dogs but so far anything I've tried hasn't worked.
  3. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    reread the email exchange.
  4. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    the dog you mentioned, was a clue to find something else mentioned in the mail exchange
  5. NomenLuni

    NomenLuni Senior Agent

    Thanks. I went back later and realised they were talking about postage stamps. Didn't take me long to figure it out then, with your hint.

    PRODIGY New Agent

    I'm completely stuck on 5.1, no clue what I'm supposed to do here. .-.

    If someone could give me a nudge I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

    EDIT: Someone on the Discord helped me out, I'm all good now.
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  7. osudvm17

    osudvm17 Active Agent

    Just started 5.1, any nudges? Do I need to manipulate the page somehow?
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    PRODIGY New Agent

    Hey osudvm17.

    Try pressing CTRL+A.
  9. osudvm17

    osudvm17 Active Agent

    Thank so much!
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  10. osudvm17

    osudvm17 Active Agent

    Am I supposed to be
    sending an email to obrien
    in order to get to the next step in 5.2?
  11. osudvm17

    osudvm17 Active Agent

    Nevermind, finally found what I was missing.
  12. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy New Agent

    Hold the phone....
    What pastebin?
  13. Mooner101

    Mooner101 New Agent

    I am completely stuck on 5.2. I furthest I got was opening the archive.
  14. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    for the first part you need google and only the first part of obriens first message
    use this to find his email-adress: its not the same as the one we previously used and its not on the list either
    he wont give you what you want yet, but hell give you a name you could look into
  15. Onesmy

    Onesmy Active Agent

    Hi everyone!

    I'm also stuck on 5.2.

    I've been trying to harass our dear friend using email addresses that seemed possible according to the content of his first email, but obviously I'm not on the right track since everything came back with a nice "nope, this email address doesn't exist" message. Or I'm an idiot who somehow managed to misspell the correct answer.

    I really hope that at least this idea is the correct one.

    First I thought our dear friend was somehow into taxidermy of famous beings, then I realized O. was talking about a collection far less gruesome and far more common. I tried the words I could think of that were associated with both ideas, but English is not my native language so I might have missed something somehow obvious. Anyway, no luck there. After that, I checked the cities at the beginning of his first email, saw that both were associated with the mining industry and so obviously somehow with the railroad industry. Tried both industries (although I'm not sure about the meaning of the numbers in that case), without forgetting metallurgy, because you never know. It seems that this isn't the right path either. That, or I'm seriously missing vocabulary.

    I didn't find anything specific with N and C. A few companies, a mall, a city with that name, and a weird link about some people's death.

    I am probably missing something obvious. I feel like I somehow either completely misunderstood something or missed a hint. If anyone could just give me just a small push in the right direction, that would be very appreciated.
  16. jen-jen

    jen-jen Active Agent

    Hi Onesmy,

    I'm not sure if you are still on this one, but the email you are looking for is implied in the email trail that was part of the archive.

    I would have a search of the specimens' original locations
  17. Onesmy

    Onesmy Active Agent

    Hi Jen-jen!

    Thank you for your reply. It's super useful, since unfortunately I'm still on this one (I really got stuck there...). I'll try to go back to it with this hint in mind. I remember assuming that the email trail was more of a "clue as to what kind of email addresses this person uses", so I probably just missed something obvious once again. Thank you very much for your help! It might even allow me to finish the last few missions before the release date of NITE Team 4!
  18. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent


    AITDW 5-1 G͜uar̶di͠an

    Do you remember how to excuse your dear aunt Sally?

    Look at the circle and star-like pattern in front of you closely.
    W̶hat symbol is at the ̀center? ̧D̨oes ̶it ̶have a n̷umerical meaning?
    Are the dots arranged in a particular pattern?
    Is the star layered?

    Hmm - this time we don't have dots. What could be the Source of this change?

    What do our agents tell us in the document?
    What are we looking for? In what context is this object or entity found?
    Are there any words that are foreign to you in the document?

    B̖͎igger Nudge:
    Our symbol is the Greek letter between Y and X. (in this case, Y and X are not followed by Z)

    P͏erhaps ͞y͏ou ̢are ̸b́eing too rational. ̴We need t͝o ̧t͏ake advantage ͡of irrationality ̕h͞ere.

    H̵ow would ̧Julius C̛aesar w͡rite t̶he ́n͢umber ͘5?

    Some of the star's lines have beehive pattern, some have cubes, some look like marble and some have cracks.

    Put on your NITE team hat and go behind the scenes. Right to the source.
    Hmm... 1 line with .png and THREE lines with .jpg?


    Our "guardian" is commanded somehow, and is paired with a different being.
    Look for that being and it may lead you to our demon.

    S̛tay̛ ̀g̡o̴ld.

    F̟̣inal Nudge:
    This constant is said to represent proportions so perfect, the relationship between parts is said to be golden.
    The whole is the short plus the long part, the whole is to the longer part as is the longer part is to the shorter part.

    When you do, keep in mind that phi(1) = 1, phi(2) = 6, phi(8) =9

    Our page source shows more images than are visible on the page - see if they can help you


    AITDW 5-2 R͟ep҉lication ͞Si͢g̛nature

    What sites is the virus looking at?
    We know that Wheeler was able to pull up a file on herself by searching her name - perhaps we can do that for other people?

    Our Brien is quite the entrepreneur, seems to have a lot of businesses running. We need to find the right way to contact him.
    How did the agency reach him in the past?

    What do the locations Brien mentions have in common?

    Our agents know that sensitive information needs to be encrypted, and Kerchkoff's Law tells us that all good encryption requires a key.
    Could our Agents be telling Brien what key to use when sending us encrypted communications?

    False Lead I Chased
    the L's in the email correspondence aren't capitalized, that's just the font.

    B̠̟̼̙͇i͇gger ̼̥͍̬̱N͇̥u̜͕̝dge:
    The locations Brien mentions have to do with which of his many email addresses to use.
    Look at the format of the addresses you can read and guess at what they all might look like.

    You haven't personally contacted Brien in the past, so make sure he knows you aren't a new customer. He runs a very exclusive operation.

    Where does Brien have a contact?

    Can you find anything in the archive relating to Brien's encrypted message?

    F̤͍̦̯̹i̹͈͈̦̤̩nal̠ ̜̖̩̬N͙̲u̲̱dge̗̗͈:
    Our agent is looking for a very specific item. What is Strelka?
    What object like a Strelka would be found at the location where Brien's contact works?

    Bonus Thing that made me chuckle:
    One of you has been contributing to our favorite encyclopedia.


    Decrypt it at - using the same key


    AITDW 5-3 S̶erver ́Ĺoc̡ation


    Our replication analysis mentions terms ending in .exe. What do all these terms have in common?

    The first exe is associated with the item in the second column, as is the second and ̨so ͢on...
    The final line associated with a blank - fill this blank in.

    I'll add to the list:

    Smallpox Roosevelt Island
    Leprosy Laoe Si Momo
    Bubonic Yumen

    B̼͇̼i̻̞͈̼͍͙͙gg͚er ̻̠͓̮Final ͔̱̝ͅNu̥͍̟͈̣dg̜̗͉͍̯̩e:
    we have a problem.
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  19. Astro4545

    Astro4545 Active Agent

    I'm completely stumped on 5.2, any help would be wonderful.
  20. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    Shoot me a pm and we’ll getcha through

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