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  1. GoodSirMortimer

    GoodSirMortimer Active Agent

    Don't know if you're still stuck, but if you don't mind me asking
    How did you solve mission 2, the one with pi in the middle of the circle? The solution to this one should be the same
  2. Alexander666

    Alexander666 Active Agent

    I did not use PI to solve part 2 - which is now probably why I don't see how to solve part 3. In part 2 I focused only on -every- roman number...
  3. fjölverkrk

    fjölverkrk Active Agent

    Hi all,

    I would like some help on 3.2. What I've tried so far:
    I've e-mailed Grisha about operation D009369, asking him about his former chief, whick could be one of the following:
    Nikolai Kovalyov
    Vladimir Putin
    Nikolai Patrushev
    But since each e-mail got the same result I'm guessing it's none of them. I've been sending him the follwong e-mails: "Regarding operation D009369. I'd like to know about 'insert name here'" but the answer is always the same.

    What am I missing/doing wrong?

  4. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    Try to find the head for his subdivision, not the general leader
  5. fjölverkrk

    fjölverkrk Active Agent

    Thanks @zaelong I was indeed not digging deep enough. But I got it now. :)
  6. GoodSirMortimer

    GoodSirMortimer Active Agent

    I could be remembering wrong, but weren't all the numbers around the circle for part 2 in roman numerals? If you focused "only on the roman numerals" wouldn't that mean all of them anyway? In any case, yes, it is related to euler's number.

    I'm not sure how to go much further without giving it away. I guess, don't think of the roman numerals as numbers, think of them as indexes.

    If you're still having trouble, I guess send a PM? Is that how things work here? I'm still new to the forums
  7. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent


    AITDW 3-1 G͜uard̀i͝a̷n

    Do you remember how to excuse your dear aunt Sally?

    Look at the circle and star-like pattern in front of you closely.
    W̶hat symbol is at the ̀center? ̧D̨oes ̶it ̶have a n̷umerical meaning?
    Are the dots arranged in a particular pattern?
    Is the star layered?

    What do our agents tell us in the document?
    What are we looking for? In what context is this object or entity found?
    Are there any words that are foreign to you in the document?

    B̖͎igger Nudge:
    P͏erhaps ͞y͏ou ̢are st́i̵ĺl͝ ̸b́eing too rational. ̴We need t͝o ̧t͏ake advantage ͡of irrationality ̕h͞ere.

    H̵ow would ̧Julius C̛aesar w͡rite t̶he ́n͢umber ͘5?

    Some of the star's lines have beehive pattern, some are smooth, some look like marble and some have cracks. Look at the dots at the bottom closely.


    Our "guardian" is commanded somehow, and is paired with a different being.
    Look for that being and it may lead you to our demon.

    This͏ ͞con̨s̡t̸a̸nt͡ ̵is ̨nàmèd҉ ͏afte͡r ̡a ̶ge̷nius ̧n͘amed͟ Leonhard

    F̟̣inal Nudge:
    F̶i̢nd̸ h̵o͘w̨ ͞ţo͜ writ͡e t̨h̶i͝s͞ co͟ņs͘t͘a͟nt

    When you do, keep in mind that e(1) = 2, e(7) = 1, e(3) =8


    AITDW 3-2 R͟ep҉lication ͞Si͢g̛nature

    What document is the virus looking at?

    We know that Wheeler was able to pull up a file on herself by searching her name - perhaps we can do that for other agents?

    Our agents know how to cooperate with one another - maybe you can just ask.
    We also have good operation security, so make sure the agent knows you are on the level - they probably need to hear a code word.

    Look into our agent's pasts. What experience do they have? Who did they work for? When did they do it? Who was in charge of their division at the time?

    B̠̟̼̙͇i͇gger ̼̥͍̬̱N͇̥u̜͕̝dge:
    The virus is gathering information from a document that mentions an operation and a code phrase - find out what that would be.

    Our agent is a busy guy and pretends to be annoyed when we contact him - make sure you have all the info he needs when you reach out. This probably is left over from his time working in government service.

    At work, your CEO is definitely your superior, but your boss is usually part of a smaller division.

    F̤͍̦̯̹i̹͈͈̦̤̩nal̠ ̜̖̩̬N͙̲u̲̱dge̗̗͈:
    Look up the agent in question and find their email address in the archive.

    Government agencies usually have public records, and it might not be a secret who ran what division. Their full names are usually available

    In your contact message, make sure to mention the name of any divisions, operations or actions you are interested in. Use as much information as possible - include full names of people, locations and operations.

    If you feel like learning more about our agent's former life and the lessons it teaches here is some light reading:
    ISBN 978-613-1-21976-4


    AITDW 3-3 S̶erver ́Ĺoc̡ation


    Our replication analysis mentions 4̞̭̬̉̔̉ͅ terms ending in .exe. What do all these 4̶͝ terms have in common?

    The first exe is associated with the item in the second column, as is the second and ̨so ͢on...
    The final line associated with a blank - fill this blank in.

    B̼͇̼i̻̞͈̼͍͙͙gg͚er ̻̠͓̮Fi̭̜̟̹n̟̮͓͖̣̺̜al ͔̱̝ͅNu̥͍̟͈̣dg̜̗͉͍̯̩e:
    There's only one chance to make a first impression.
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  8. Loki Martin Farbaute

    Loki Martin Farbaute Active Agent

    It doesn't matter what I write to grisha, I always get the: go bug someone else reply, I've tried asking about:

    operation D009369 and Federal Security Service/Nikolai Patrushev, what am I doing wrong here? As for now I'm stuck 3.2
  9. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    youre mentioning the wrong person
  10. Loki Martin Farbaute

    Loki Martin Farbaute Active Agent

    Shouldn´t I mention the head of the security service, while he was there?
  11. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    just his direct supervisor, not the one at the top
  12. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    @Loki Martin Farbaute Odds are you have the right organization, but are not being specific enough.

    If you were in the US Military, and someone asked who your supervisor was, you wouldn't name the secretary of defense. You'd probably name someone a bit more junior
  13. Loki Martin Farbaute

    Loki Martin Farbaute Active Agent

    Yeah I figured it out eventually, I wasn't simply looking hard enough :)
  14. Agent K

    Agent K Active Agent

    Can anyone help me with mission 3.3 in Alone in the dark web- Im struggling with the location for the Dahmer clue and linking it to the other clue
    i know what the link between the exe files is but can't pinpoint the links to locations
  15. GoodSirMortimer

    GoodSirMortimer Active Agent

    I notice you posted this 15 or so days ago now, so I don't know if you're still looking for help, but if you are

    You're generally not stamped with labels at birth. They all started somewhere
  16. Agent K

    Agent K Active Agent

    All good now, thanks :)
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  17. Agent K

    Agent K Active Agent

    I believe there is actually an error in the location for needed for this mission, possibly due to misreading the related info on the wiki page.
  18. Cruzer

    Cruzer New Agent

    I found the right digits for 3.2, but for some reason I can not get them to work.

    Edit: Apparently I can't tell the difference between a g and a 9.
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  19. hotwaterltd

    hotwaterltd New Agent

    Seconding this. I don't want to get into the details because that would unavoidably involve giving away the answer, but I strongly encourage the relevant authorities to double-check this one.

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