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    Please use this thread to discuss Mission 2 of the Alone in the Dark Web DLC. Feel free to post theories, hints, and nudges here, but please do not post the answer!
    Spoiler tags are your friend.
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    So I actually solved this by brute-forcing it, but here goes

    So the first sigil was self-explanatory one you learn what to pay attention to. The second and third iterations, with the numbers 'hidden' by roman numerals, baffle me. The Greek letters in the middle don't seem to be meaningful to me (either using their numerological value or their position in Greek alphabet), but surely they must be as they keep changing. Just using the roman numerals gives the wrong solution (50). The original version of this puzzle (chitetezo) doesn't display an integer sequence I can find anywhere so I can't manipulate the sequence by substituting 2 for 16, or whatever.

    And now, hints:

    There's a pattern to the encryption keys... What was the last key and why? Also, case (uppercase/lowercase) matters.

    The latter names may provide most clues and the earlier ones may lead you astray. What does column 2 mean for the corresponding figure in column 1?

    Also, for fun: pay attention to the
    subtitles in the intro videos
    in this campaign.
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    Hint for part 1
    Think back to your math classes. What does that letter in the middle remind you of? How many digits does it have?
  3. kmls

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    it has infinite digits (or, as an integer, one digit, with a value that is neither infinite nor one), which is part of the reason I rejected a mathematical meaning since I can't find a way to make infinity, 1, or the integer value of that symbol equal the answer I already know (although the integer value is by far the most useful given what I know the answer is, even then I don't know why it matters). The other reason I didn't approach math is because I can't find a fixed mathematical value for 1.1's symbol, and while 3.1's symbol also has mathematical meaning it's not particularly clear how that is supposed to be leveraged.
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    First off. Thanks for starting this thread. I wanted to start one but was uncertain if we had to wait on staff, if there was a reason it wasn't created or if there was a new alternative channel related to the new COM. I still don't know any of that but I'm more than pleased to jump on someone's bandwagon. Now on to 2.1. Still stuck. Here's what I've tried so far
    Yes I realize i could brute force it, starting at demon 1 until I got an answer but trying to establish some logic or at least follow Wolfban3's in the absence of any other[. so a as kmls pointed out following the logic establshed in 1.1 you get 50 as an answer. The fact that kmls got this too reaffirms my sanity and my abilility to basic arithamatic but does not correspond to the correct. PI is in the middle. Though Pi is technically an infinite number, the more conventional answer to Wolfbane's hin is likely 3. PI is traditionally expressed as as its first 3 digits 3. 14 but after adding 3 to 50, subtracting 3 from 50, and even dividing 50 by 3 . I got .6 so tried both demon 1 Bael and demon 6 Vlefor as well as Vual (47) Caim(51 and Vassago (3) still not getting the answer/SPOILER]
    what else am I missing?
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    the roman numerals stand for the Nth number of pi, so I:3, II:1III:4, IV:1, V:5 etc..
    with this you should be able to solve the code the same way you did it in the previous puzzle.
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    So got 2.1 . Thank you very much.

    So 2.2
    Should Wright work to decrypt the paste bin cipher. If so it's not working for me
    I'm assuming things mght be a bit more convoluted given 2.1 so my thought is this
    another agent beginning with a different letter of the alphabet has met there demise since wright replacing wright as the password. Am I on the right? track
  7. kmls

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    You're on the right track. Give your theories a try! (Like I said in my hint above, the case--uppercase, lowercase, all-caps--matters. So if you think it should work but doesn't, try a different case!)

    I can promise the file is solvable.
  8. Wo1fsBan3

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    Think: Why did he use Wright as a password? Then, look at the one inconsistency in the logs. The one that got away...
  9. Jimbo9

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    now this is interesting...I got the same correct solution this way:
    Since there are roman numerals everywhere, I looked at one of the operators and realized that it could be also a number...
    Don't know if this was intended, but looks like they are both logical and valid solutions :)
  10. Alexander666

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    Hint 1
    You don't need PI to solve this
    Hint 2
    Focus on the roman numbers
    Hint 3
    Be sure to use every relevant roman number in your equation
  11. berzerk0

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    AITDW 2-1 G͉uardian

    Do you remember how to excuse your dear aunt Sally?

    Look at the circle and star-like pattern in front of you closely.
    W̶hat symbol is at the ̀center? ̧D̨oes ̶it ̶have a n̷umerical meaning?
    Are the dots arranged in a particular pattern?
    Is the star layered?

    What do our agents tell us in the document?
    What are we looking for? In what context is this object or entity found?
    Are there any words that are foreign to you in the document?

    B̖͎igger Nudge:
    P͏erhaps ͞y͏ou ̢are ̸b́eing too rational. ̴We need t͝o ̧t͏ake advantage ͡of irrationality ̕h͞ere.

    H̵ow would ̧Julius C̛aesar w͡rite t̶he ́n͢umber ͘5?

    Some of the star's lines have beehive pattern, some are smooth, some look like marble and some have cubes. Look at the dots at the bottom closely.


    Our "guardian" is commanded somehow, and is paired with a different being.
    Look for that being and it may lead you to our demon.

    F̟̣inal Nudge:
    Numerical pi has infinite decimal places. It is equal to 3.14159265358...

    Pi(1) = 3, Pi (2) = 1, Pi(3) = 4...


    AITDW 2-2 R̡ep̢lication ͟Sig҉nature

    We know that Wheeler was able to pull up a file on herself by searching her name - perhaps we can do that for other agents?
    Who wrote this document?

    Our agents are trained well enough not to put passwords into plain text - they might use suggestions and hints however.

    Look closely at our documents and see if there are any trails to follow.
    There might be some pieces information that are contextually paired with other pieces.

    Bigger/Final Nudge:
    Look closely at every line of the documents you see.

    When you have to notify someone's "next of kin," it usually is the beginning of that group's (the next of kin's) "grieving" process.


    AITDW 2-3 Sęrver ̀Lo̢cation

    Our replication analysis mentions 9̛̳̯ terms ending in .exe. What do all these 9̺̤̼̻ terms have in common?

    The first exe is associated with the item in the second column, as is the second and ̨so ͢on...
    The final line associated with a blank - fill this blank in.

    Bigger/Final Nudge:
    Amin wasn't from Saudi Arabia, but it's where he crossed the river Styx.
    Adolf wasn't able to hold on to Egypt, so Anubis and Orisis met him in Berlin.
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