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  1. Anashel

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    Hi everyone!

    We launched on Early Access a little over 3 weeks now and I wanted to give you updates on the overall game development.

    So far 217 dreamers have joined the Early Access and 71 have joined the forums. Only 11 left a review on steam, so if you have the chance to rate the game please do, it will help us a lot!

    From the survey players available at the end of the game, all the comments we got ranged from Enjoyed to Greatly Enjoyed. (That's a good start!)
    • I found the first statistic funny, 12.9% of those who bought the game haven't played it yet.

    • 81% of those who bought the game (players) have completed the tutorial - Not so bad when you think of all the new mechanics introduced there!

    • 22% completed the first table. This is a little bit low, but since many only bought the game 2 weeks ago, it may be too soon to draw conclusions.

    • Finally, 7.2% of all players completed the ARG. (That's about 13 people. o_O)

    Quick summary of the various improvements suggested by the dreamers:
    • Improvement on the clarity of some of the riddles to help lead directly to the correct answer.
      One example was Virginia Woolf's death, which could be linked to the patron saint of mental illness, patron saint of swimming, patron saint of drowning, etc.
    • Clues can be blurry or hard to see on some screen resolutions.

    • Do not automatically close the letter on Table 1 when the narration completes.

    • Add subtitles to the audio narration within each dream fragment.

    • Let the player revisit old puzzles and explore fragments that have been solved.

    • Audio balance made it difficult to hear the narration.

    • Fix the big jump in difficulty from the tutorial to Table 1. (As we can see also from the statistics)

    • UI visibility (Bigger text)
    In general, we think that we are in the right direction. We do not feel we need to go back to the drawing board on the core structure of the game, which is a good sign! Before we release the next version of the alpha, we do have to tackle some important issues.
    • We initially planned to have the narration done with a male voice and a female voice that could be chosen at the start of the game. I am unsure at that point if that feature adds to the universe.

    • We wanted to add a difficulty level setting that would remove some of the options to link fragments together (currently at 5 options per fragment.) This way you have fewer options to investigate, but I don't want to make it easy to brute force.

    • We initially planned to add cut-scenes of the dreamer at the start & the end of the table. These cut-scenes represent the progression of the story outside the dream. We want to add different visual styles (both with actors or pure narration) but we're having difficulty making it work. The cut-scenes hurt the flow of the game.
    • As the statistics shows, the rabbit hole for the global ARG doesn't reach enough people. It should be more "game-ified" to help people progress in it.
    4. NEXT STEP
    We wish to gather more players before we integrate table 2 and 3 into the client. As soon as we have between 500 and 750 players, we will move forward with table 2 and 3.

    If you have any idea to help us recruit more dreamers, please do not hesitate to reach out me by sending me a message on the forums!
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  2. bladedraconis

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    OH WOW. I don't know how I feel about this. The game is fantastic and the ARG part was my absolute favorite. What is wrong with people? :confused::confused::confused:
  3. cronkllr

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    1. I don't see a point at making it easier ( removing the segments and link fragments) this is one thing I loved, it made the game so far a lot more challenging and if you KNOW the answer VIA research it is no problem. Especially if your earning achievements EVEN more rewarding

    2. A male and female voice would give the game a more personal feel and more immersion.

    3.On the ARG front, I think a lot of people have gotten stuck as of what to do ( if they did not play TBW ). And I believe the 13 that solved it are more than likely BW players that are used to that DEEP searching. I feel Players that are new to this type of game will be lost.

    4. Cut scenes would be good in my opinion.

    5a . Recruiting people/ New customers. One bad part is that you missed a Featured sale on steam for their summer sale event. If Ahnayro was posted on steams Summer sale FRONT page ( for one of the daily sales) you would have gotten a HUGE amount of sales as 6million plus people would have saw it. It is too late now. BUT they have Wednesday FEATURED sales and Weekend featured sales that are listed on steams homepage ( After the summer sale) this would be a good way to let the entire steam community see your great game 6+million views* in one day.
    * +/- 25%

    5b. Also once you implement the VR aspect, you can have that listed as a game feature / tag on Steam. I know I scan filters for VR games and I know you support the oculus right now ( I don't know why It is not listed on your store page. Also add htc Vive support and the tracked motion controllers. That will allow game buyers who buy VR games to easily see your game when they are looking for games.

    Example : [​IMG][​IMG]

    5c. Add more achievements ( when you have people like me that HUNT for them or search for games that have them ) we tend to buy those instead of ones without * This is my personal preference

    5d. Implement the Trading cards/ emoticons/ badges ASAP. This will get you a lot of sales from certain types of people, and those who don't and would love them as well. . Now this goes for 3 different types of gamers,
    1.Ones that buy games that have trading cards to collect badges and levels and want every set ( THIS IS ALOT ) Most don't even play the game those will buy all 5 badge levels and the foil level. * I know people who buy hundreds of games just for the trading cards.
    2. Gamers Who buy games that have them and will / do play the game .
    3. People who love your game already and having the trading cards added would be a huge bonus .

    I know I will go to badge level 5 and the foil badge set :D
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  4. bladedraconis

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    I agree with Cronkllr 100%. However, I don't think cut scenes are necessary. I will post about Ahnayro on the puzzle solving forum for MPC and will share wherever I can to recruit more people.
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  5. Kakuzen

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    I feel that with cutscenes, it could work if you did it in a certain way. Like, once you finish the last dream segment, it fades to white, then it kind of shows the dream, but semi-fragmented, as dreams are. Flashes of symbolism, etc. Then it fades out to the Ahnayro hub. Just throwing ideas out there :)
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  6. Chiligoat

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    On the subject of narration, picking a voice that you feel resonates with the feeling of your project is of course key. However, we as a player base all react differently, very differently, to having a voice speak so intimately as a voice can only do when it whispers directly to us or when it comes through a set of headphones. Maybe you should consider going for a narrating voice more unisex in nature, indistinguishable from gender. Perhaps you should look at transgender or genderqueer voice actors for a more inconspicuous tone of storytelling.
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  7. Kakuzen

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    Ya know, I sort of thought of something along the lines of that but I feel that you can get the feeling of neutrality by having BOTH a male and female voice speaking at the same time, like a collective. Kind of remeniscent of the "You are cursed/blessed with free will" section from the intro to The Secret World? Idunno, just throwing ideas in there.

    OR, how about making some sort of "language of dreams", that the narrator can speak with subtitles, and you can decipher it to learn more about the backstory?
  8. Chiligoat

    Chiligoat Active Agent

    Having a made-up language can work quite well: look at Shadow of the Colossus, and the more cutsey type of "scrambled" language in Okami, or even The Sims. So long as one puts method into tonality and consequence in such design it pulls through, but there is still the matter of having somebody actually recording it. Overlap could certainly solve it, but would it dilute the effect of being one on one with the narrator?
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