Advanced Mission 5 - Balance

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Whitehouse, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Whitehouse

    Whitehouse New Agent

    OK so either I'm not as clever as I think I am, or the game devs are just messing with me.
    I really need a nudge in the right direction...

    Here's what I've pieced together so far

    i'm in cafe boulud's servers, but can't find any pathway other than the
    the likely target accessed the cafe's wifi on March 29th, prior to 1:44pm... or they want us to think they did... Actually that map is not close enough to get a wifi signal, but the walking route still seems unusually long...
    the clue given at Mission Centre is a DNA sequence for female ostriches (which is why i think i'm being messed with)
    don't know what 3tr is...
    are there any sycamore trees of note in central park..?
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  2. Tyryt

    Tyryt Senior Agent

    I was caught in the same place because I was overlooking the other tool in the wifi, airo-whatev.
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  3. Seshemw

    Seshemw Active Agent

    There are some other bits of info in the brief.
    For instance, the incoming message.
    You want to survey for commonalities. The message can help with that.

    I have to say: Terrible OPSEC. Just.. I have no words. I'm sorry you're probably dead.

    And to the mysterious 'briefer', no, my heart is NOT heavier than the feather, so keep your beast to yourself. You obviously have some deep issues, and my Truth runs deeper.

    And someone should warn Catherine, and everyone else on that list, like ASAP. I suspect the body is near the cafe, but the battery is almost run down so a retrieval team should go now.

    Edit: Ok, so may not have been helpful, and may have been rambling. Hazard of age.
    Aircrack will be invaluable.
    You will need both functions of it (airodump and handshake). Earlier hint about commonalities stands.
    The next step will come from the results of successfully using the air crack tools, and you will eventually be performing a password attack.

    Agent Seshemw
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  4. Whitehouse

    Whitehouse New Agent

    Of course, thanks!
    I haven't used that tool before, so I forgot it was even there. (TBH i thought it was holding for a future build or tutorial)
  5. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    To answer the question about
    sycamore trees in central park


    From my research, many of the sycamore trees in Central Park can be found in what is known as The Ramble. If you study the imgur walking maps and google maps, you will see Wilson walked through The Ramble each day, thus walking by sycamore trees.

    If anyone has insights on 3tf, Id appreciate's kind of bothering me. Only thing I could find was an electric conductor component.
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  6. Dalamus

    Dalamus Active Agent

    I've cracked the password and finished the mission but I can't help feeling like I'm missing something. Is this really the end ;-;
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  7. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Adv. Mission 6? But you will still have the feeling of wanting more. That's good though, devs have done their job!
  8. Dalamus

    Dalamus Active Agent

    aa i can't figure it out going to leave it for a bit. too tough
  9. Dalamus

    Dalamus Active Agent

    wait is it bugged? is advanced mission 6 meant to start straight after 5? I finished the voicemail and the mission but there's nothing. I thought it was hidden i'm confused ;-;
  10. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Are your running Stinger OS 0.7? If so, reload the client completely and see if it shows up.
  11. Dalamus

    Dalamus Active Agent

    I thought I had the latest version but it turns out I had 0.6 thanks for the shout. <3

    Also sorry for being a massive idiot. aa ;_;
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  12. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    No worries, you'll love Adv. Mission 6. Follow the pentacle...
  13. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    Sycamore? What sycamore? I beat the mission and didn't need anything to do with sycamores...
  14. TheNorseMan

    TheNorseMan Active Agent

  15. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    It is an image of the walking path I believe. It helps with the
    sycamore hint

    The sycamore reference is to deduct what walking path image to use, ie: he walked among the sycamores - a google search of notable sycamore locations with this area is helpful

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