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  1. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Couple of rules:
    • 1 thread per missions
    • Spoilers tag - no answer
    • Support thread (teaching people how to use tools, investigation techniques, etc) are welcome
  2. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    Hello, I would like some help on advanced mission 3. I have a password, an email and a message I don't know how to get to Samantha Lizbourne's email from there though. Help would be appreciated
  3. zaelong

    zaelong Division-79

    Weird, the mission is supposed to be completed as soon as you get the password?

    Oh, i think you forget a part of you mission.
    You might want to reread the briefing
  4. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    I need a way to get to Samantha Lizbourne's password.

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