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  1. baktic

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    In order to get certain achievements in the game, you need to finish a live event. If you did not put in the code after the event, that achievement is permanently locked. I personally am not a fan of this. I understand rewarding players for participating, but giving out miss-able achievements isn't fun. I will forever be locked out from 10 of the achievements because of this. I don't have an idea on what would replace achievements for live events, but achievements should not be miss-able like this.
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  2. Joris

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    It's cheap to create so I get why they did it. But I'm worried because it WILL hurt later on. When new players join and see they won't be able to collect at least 10 achievements it will disappoint some of them for sure. A solution could be hiding the achievements but I think most will find out later on. Another option is creating customizables but I think most people who care about achievements would also care about cusomizables so this won't work either. The only thing that might work is a custom forum title or something to showoff that you have participated.
  3. Quaesitio

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    Yes, I understand and I agree. Rather than achievements, perhaps they can be badges on the forum or Steam.
  4. LionOfComarre

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    I voted against Nite Team 4 kickstarter related achievements for this very reason, and it seems like they listened.

    One way of doing it could be to have the old live mission content return in a scaled down way that doesn't require any puppet master input. Perhaps have like a "Training sim of the month" kind of thing in the client that uses puzzles and content from old live missions? It would be a nice way for new players to become familiar with the agency's history as well, since the client missions don't tell everything. And I imagine repurposing old stuff would be less work than developing new stuff. It could be like an optional DLC thing, so they could cash in a bit extra on it too at the same time.
  5. Clear

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    Thats such a cool idea! bringing old live events back, maybe slightly easier or tailored for training, that would be so helpful! especially since I missed so many of the early live ops, and since they seem to have played such an important part in our history (like seeing baup keep coming was cool, but there's so much more I had to read in the backlogs!)
  6. cronkllr

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    I know there was talk about Re-doing the old live events in a sandbox type of thing. So agents that missed old achievements will be able to earn them by playing the old event via sandbox.

    @Anashel , @Jarobi would know more on this.. I asked the same thing along time ago and the answer I got was what I typed above.

    I know the team has been busy, so I'm guessing they just have not got around to it YET.
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  7. Astro4545

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    That would be pretty cool.
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  8. NomenLuni

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    I would like this too. Even though I backed the game on Kickstarter, there was a delay in me receiving my Steam key, and when I eventually received a working one, the first two live events has passed so I didn't get the chance to get those achievements.
  9. Anashel

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    I really like the idea of re-visiting past live event. I am looking on how we could replay each of the live event via the Com-Division website until S3.
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  10. cronkllr

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    @Anashel I am the one who brought this up way before in s1. Than we spoke about it being a sandbox type of event. But with he new come division you see a different path. Sounds great.

    And this way new agents have a chance to earn prior live even achievements. *
    ( Note to people even if this happens you will still have 3 achievements that are unattainable due to them tying into Kickstart error. And steam greenlight etc.

    But A+ if the team can make it work. If you need help. I am more than willing to lend a hand on testing etc.

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