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  1. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Thought we might as well start the brain-storming on achievements we'd like to see - always good fun ^^

    Here's a few brain-farts of my own:


    Unlikely - Have 4 or more common items
    Improbable - Have 4 or more uncommon items
    Impossible - Have 4 or more rare items

    Peasent - Collect a set (ring, amulet, sword) of Common items with no duplicates or other items.
    Soldier - Collect a set of Uncommon items with no duplicates or other items.
    Hellspawn - Collect a set of Hellfire items with no duplicates or other items.
    Frostbane - Collect a set of Frostbite items with no duplicates or other items.

    Double-take - Find the Holy Light Sword on your first turn.
    Apotheosis - Win with only 2 items (1 frostbite + 1 holy light)

    Status effects:

    Malignant growth - Be hit by poison two times in a row.
    Epidemic - Have both other players be poisoned at the same time.

    Win conditions:

    Overwhelming Force - Win with 100 points (or more).
    Vanguard - Win with both other players having only 1 hit remaining.

    Narcissus - Win with rings only
    Aglaea - Win with amulets only
    Tyr - Win with swords only
  2. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    i dont think those are any real achivements
    those would just be the result of hours of mandatory gaming, hoping you get just lucky enough to hit one off these targets
    for achievement hunters this will be a very frustrating hunt
  3. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    I agree, and I reckon we can go to the age-old discussion of whether luck-based achievements (such as these) or "milestone" based achievements are the ones worth having in game.

    On a personal note, I'm of the opinion that achievements should be indicators of having either achieved or experienced something that isn't a given - the inverse of "Complete mission #X" - and while that's not the nicest kind of achievements for those who play games mostly for accumulating achievements, it's also worth acknowledging that there are those who enjoy getting rare achievements, rather than just quantitatively getting them, and both 'groups' (and others) should have achievements to aim for; not sacrificing the latter on the altar of the former. :)
    And in general, "milestones" are just over and done with way too fast, without ever really giving me - personally - a sense of achieving anything outside of playing the game, which I wouldn't consider an achievement, unless the game was particularly horrible or repetitive, which I imagine won't be the case here. ;)

    In my opinion, it all boils down to achievements of more or less 4 different types.
    The ones that rely on difficulty - "Complete <game> without taking a hit", "Complete a multiplayer game without getting anything but headshots"
    The ones that rely on luck - "Complete <game> with this exact random generated setup", "Meet a Dev in a Multiplayer match"
    The ones that rely on knowledge - "Find all X", "Cause X easter-egg on Y multiplayer map"
    And "milestones" - "Complete part X/Y of game", "Play X multiplayer matches".

    Ideally, a game should have samples of all 4, because there are players who gravitate towards one or the other.
    Difficulty reliant achievements seem like they're mocking the player for some, yet a guided challenge for others.
    Luck reliant achievements seem like timesinks to some, yet like a treasure hunt for others.
    Knowledge reliant achievements seem like a bad excuse to dig up wikis or timesinks for some, yet an invitation to submerge themselves in the narrative for others.
    And milestones seem hollow and empty to some, yet rewarding for others.

    With what we currently know, I couldn't readily think of examples for the other 3 categories (Difficulty, Knowledge, Milestone), but some tentative examples (presuming mechanics allow them), would be:

    Win X PvP matches in a Y Row
    Win a round in under X minutes

    Start a match in a Moon stage but end it in Sun stage
    Win a match with nothing but (specific bonus affix on wearable items - not loot)

    Complete Dungeon 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15
    Complete Dungeon ... As Warrior/Mage/Rogue/..Priest?
    Complete Item Set X/Y/Z
    Gamble for powerful loot X times

    Meta Milestones(?)

    Play Nightfall via your account on both a Desktop, Tablet, and Web
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  4. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    I think indeed a balance between luck, progression, and skills to get all the achievement is a good way to look at it.

    Holy light as the first loot is a great example, and it should be epic. Not only with an achievement but maybe a bonus effect: automatically recharging a spell for example or a blessing light revealing the location of venom spider card.

    Vanguard is great; we always love these comeback situations.

    Win under x minutes and win x match in a row are great, but they still include some luck. We didn't talk a lot about the strategy aspect of the game but disabling your opponent with 4 cards left, combo bonus from set items and other feats directly related to how you play the cards should be rewarded.

    The loot table is the core mechanics.

    The second layer is the progression of your class, unlocking spell, and skills that you can strategically play at the right moment to change the odds.

    The third layer is the progression and the story. I invite you to read the excellent introduction Santiak made. The progression will be both PVP and PVE. I do not see a 'candy crush' style of progression but a much more 'dungeon and dragon' tabletop feeling. I'll start a thread on this.

    The fourth (bonus layer) is the real world interactions. Time of day, moon cycle, volcano activity around the world, wind condition at your location. Natural elements are used as variables in the game. Some treasure or dungeon will be unlock using local variable (wind speed or temperature in your area) while other feature (fire set item for example) will be affected by the global variables. (Ex; Worldwide volcano activity)
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  5. cronkllr

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    Oh nice. I just saw this topic. When I get home I will throw in my ideas. As a steam achievement hunter with 11,000+ now.

    I can give some great ideas to see if you all like them.

    I will make a post tonite after work.
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