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Jun 12, 2014
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There is a place, a dark place... where ancient evil slumbers and waits to return. Jun 20, 2014

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Jul 15, 2018 at 3:46 PM
    1. Артём
      I didn't forget my agent name, but it won't let me log in. It says my account does not exist in-game, yet when I try to register it says my email is already taken. (this happened because I registered in the beta version). Could use some help :)
    2. White Owl
      White Owl
      Hi, sorry to bother you with that but I also forgot my ingame agent name. Could you please help me with that ?
    3. Reynardine
      Hey, would it be possible to change my in game agent name? My account name is lukebeadley, and I would like to change it to my forum name (Reynardine) if this is possible? Many thanks
    4. Gabe
      i have also forgot my agent name someone please help
    5. MarkHirsch91
      I also have forgotten my Agent Name. I played The Black Watchmen about a year ago for a few weeks, and I would love to get bakc into it. I sent a support request a few months ago and got no reply. Can you please help?
    6. Yassen Grigorov
      Yassen Grigorov
      I, like many others, have also managed to forget my agent name, could you please help me? Thanks in advance.
    7. SpY5rOs
      i need to recover my agent name pls help
    8. Zach Wee
      Zach Wee
      Hey, I played the game a few months ago for a few hours, but I can't for the life of me remember my Agent Name, it's connected to the email I'm using on this forum, could you kindly help me recover my agent name?
    9. Prometheus_00
      I played the Demo a long time ago, created a User but forgot my Agent Name now. Could I get it?
    10. Loreley
      Hello, I'd like to use the account name and email I set up in Beta. I just got the game. When I try to register, it gives me an error telling me to enter my email address and password (which are entered).
    11. AlwaysSmiLing
      Hello Anashel sorry to bother you but is there any chance you can help me? I can not remember my username so I can not play the game right now someone recommended to ask you?:)
    12. upspoon
      hey anashel, i was told to let you know i didn't receive my season 2 key, i purchased the game opnsept.19 2015

    13. Minecrafter1209
      Anashel I have not recievied a call for 2 weeks from the agency could you check that for me?
    14. Slifer
      Anashel, can you, in season 2, give us pictures of the black watchmen so that we could use them as wallpapers?
    15. Anashel
      Despaired of any rest or contentment in a world grown too busy for beauty and too shrewd for dreams
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    16. Icerazer
    17. Khalm
    18. TheWatcher
      Hey, would it be possible to add a on-going optional mission to the client where your goal is to recruit a member for the Black Watchmen?
    19. CPT.crush
      Hey your Pax presentation In Boston Amazed me so here i am Doing some research... Just wanted to introduce myself
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    20. mbbrazen
      Hey Anashel. You said on Twitter to contact you here. t looks like I was dropped from email notices after December. Gt all notices through the holiday greetings. But did not receive notice of 2.05 or actually any of the releases.
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