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There is a place, a dark place... where ancient evil slumbers and waits to return. Jun 20, 2014

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Feb 20, 2018 at 12:05 AM
    1. Kato
      Hello! Lost my agent name. Can you please help me recover it?
    2. Valerie
      hello, can you help me recover my agent name for the black watchmen ? ıf not, can you help me untie it from my e-mail account so that i can register with a new agent name. thanks
    3. artkras
      Hey, i need my agent name for the black watchmen.thx
    4. Porter
      hi sorry to bother you, can you help for with my username, i have forgotten it. I played the demo a while back and now want to start a new game but it won't give me any info? Thanks
    5. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      Hi. I forgot my agent name and need to recover it. I know my email tied to the account. I also messaged you on discord
    6. digitalwind3
      Hi. I can't login to The Black Watchmen. Where how can I change password. Thanks.
    7. Celo
      Hello, I cannot find my agent name. Please can you resend it to me at [email protected], that is the same e-mail I am using in the game.
    8. DanTheBadger
      Hello, I cant seem to remember my agent name, could you help me?
    9. Saraya_R
      hello - I can't seem to remember my agent name is this something you can recover?
    10. mrshpit
      Hello Anashel. I would like to change an email address tied to my TBW account
    11. Ghost
      Hello can you help with finding my agents name please
    12. Arajag
      Hi, I was one of the winners of NT4 in the mining competition, but I haven't received it yet so I just wanted to check that nothings gone wrong with an email or anything like that.
    13. jhop71
      Need help to recover agent / user name as well. Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you.
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    14. Rumilus
      We are many... I see.
      Lost my username too. Could you help?
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    15. Agent Brown91
      Agent Brown91
      Hello Anashel!. I was recently hit over the head by an unknown shadowy assailant. After regaining consciousness i attempted to log a report only to discover that I had forgotten my username. Any help would be really appreciated
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    16. Da Shark
      Da Shark
      Hi Anashel. I've also lost my username for the game. Can you please help?
      Many thanks
    17. Berkay
      hi I have forgotten my username, could you help?
    18. EIon
      I'm yet another person that forgot their agent name... Help would be greatly appreciated.
    19. Truf
      I request my agent's name as well. Thanks.
    20. Staylord
      And another that has forgotten their agent name, would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out
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