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  1. CasperOrillian
    CasperOrillian Radeon
    Have to ask where is your profile pic from?
  2. CasperOrillian
    I am unsure if my uplink is secure. If only someone could tell me.
  3. RhiLupin
  4. RhiLupin
    Active Agent
  5. CasperOrillian
    Well, stuck on the final haloween thing. Been good though.
  6. XJ938G
  7. insert
    insert PurpleYin
    Thanks for trying to push me along on part 4, just not sure what I am not getting with this one. probably something obvious.
    1. PurpleYin
      ignore DRice, focus on Norman - it sounds like you're right at the answer
      Nov 1, 2018
    2. insert
      I have that Feeling as well. Norman Pope, working at Branch 12, I tried inputting these as vector's CIA, GBush center for int. , RoastedNReady, and every variation I could think of. but Some part just isn't clicking for me like the other 3 missions.
      Nov 1, 2018
  8. PurpleYin
    PurpleYin Hermler
    Shoot, I didnt check the forums for so long and jsut saw this while doing the halloween task!

    Have you solved it? If not, this part needs a little googling in the real world with a name you found in the developing situation...
    1. Hermler
      I looked online at the cases, but couldn't pinpoint any particular person that would fit.
      Nov 2, 2018
  9. CasperOrillian
    A little less conversation a little more typing please.
  10. BenBox
    Recently Finished Operation Castle Ivy on Nite Team 4
  11. PurpleYin
    PurpleYin Hermler
    Thank you for your help! (In the now-disappeared post). I didn't check the maltego asset link - didn't realise it was actually an xkeyscore link! You're a real life saver!
    1. Hermler
      You are welcome. Stuck on the downloading file to be altered bit myself. I don't think I really got answered.


      I found out that you don't actually download the file. You just go ahead to the next step afterwards. Duh.
      Oct 19, 2018
    2. PurpleYin
      Just finished the third mission myself, let me know if you need any hints!
      Oct 20, 2018
    3. Hermler
      I do actually. Stuck on finding the CO. I have narrowed it down to either Jorge Estrada or Emmanuel Guerrero. I think its Guerrero, but not sure how to link it to the CICIG case and the intel. I got the Situation part 2 in Xkeyscore. Both names, though don't line up with the cases, I think.
      Oct 24, 2018
  12. greyhaxor
    Scanning ...
  13. OddClub
    Any one on I started a attack server
    1. CasperOrillian
      I would be interested if you are still active.
      Oct 15, 2018
  14. CasperOrillian
    If your problem was located here, you would have found it already.
  15. CasperOrillian
    Open A.018 Done!
  16. Astro4545
    In Guatemala
  17. Gorby
    Gorby Anashel
    Hey there Anashel i have seen a post on steam about an issue 1st Mission - Operation Castle Ivy and i get the message " no active host or proxy error " and i saw your post
    "If you get the no active host or proxy error this mean there is a problem with the client or you lost the connection to the server. If you have this problem, reach me on discord and I'll try to help you fix it."
    Can you please help
    1. Anashel
      Actually it could also mean you did not activate your VPN. Join me on discord, it will be easier to chat!
      Oct 12, 2018
  18. lenicus101
    He who is most quiet, hears the most.
  19. CasperOrillian
    The problem, it is located here.
  20. elle30303
    elle30303 Anashel
    can you help me with mission 23 #1? The format isn't matching
    1. zaelong
      the format you need is: ********** ** ******* ******** *********
      because of a recent update some of the x's got cropped out, the devs are still looking for a solution (that doesnt involve rerolling the update)
      Sep 2, 2018