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  1. 4lex
    Archiving the past
  2. sk2073
    No matter where you go, there you are
  3. Kakuzen
    Keep a smile on your face, but a knife by your side.
  4. iTune
    Some dude with the computer.
  5. Agent_HiddenChronicle
    ~ Reality is as fragile as our perception allows it to be, Only with knowledge can the keys to freedom be truly obtained ~
  6. themadhuman
    finish the story
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  7. Richard Sabeh
    Richard Sabeh
    Humani nihil a se alienum putat
  8. Code
    Illuminating the darkness.
  9. Tyryt
    defuzzing the sfuzzer
  10. Whitehouse
  11. pools
    pools Anashel
    please help me get my Agent name??
    cant remember it at all..

    i even have 2 emails with both different accounts for TBW

    i cant log in.

    i payed for this game and i cant even play it L:OL
  12. cronkllr
    Guess Whos Back?
  13. Ammutseba
    "For those that left trying to prove the truth, I say you are not forgotten"
  14. Helixus
    A knight in shining armour is a man who has never had his metal truly tested.
  15. themadhuman
  16. jungle
    jungle Anashel
    Hi! Anashel
    So glad to have the chance to be an agent, taking part in the TBW makes me feel great. The experience is excellent! Just want to thank you and the team group. Hope you can make better games and more and more people can enjoy them! Have a nice day!
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    2. jungle
      p.s. I just played TBW for several days and because I'm a Chinese, language sometimes can be a barrier to play. And the distance means I couldn't easily register as orange or yellow level to get more game experience as a native. :( Hope my country will make such games some day......
      Apr 9, 2017
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    3. Anashel
      Thank you for your kind comments!
      Apr 9, 2017
  17. Aporia
    I want to learn these games so bad.
  18. CowWarrior
  19. Squash
    Squash Anashel
    Hi! I'm sorry to add to the multiple "forgotten Agent Name" requests, but it seems I have forgotten mine. I was pretty sure that I had the right details recorded, but I must've messed up somewhere along the way. My email is still registered so I'd like to reclaim the account if possible. :) I did originally sign up while using the Demo version, I'm not sure if that makes a difference? Thanks for your help!
    1. Anashel
      Didn't notice you did it via my profile page, do you still need help?
      Apr 9, 2017
    2. Squash
      No worries, it was my fault! I wasn't sure if it was to be a Profile Message or a Private Message, so I decided to follow the ones on your profile and wait for a while instead of spamming you with messages everywhere. :x
      Apr 9, 2017
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  20. WikiDXx
    WikiDXx Anashel
    Hi I forgot my Agent name can you help please ?
    1. Anashel
      Contact me in PM!
      Apr 9, 2017