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  1. Irindium
  2. Al3xanderdudin
    Al3xanderdudin Anashel
    Hi Anashel, I have forgotten my username, could you help?
  3. SirPolluxofCastor
    SirPolluxofCastor Anashel
    Hey Anashel, it appears I too have forgotten my name, do you believe there is some sort of weird bug in my memory chip? Fact of the matter is I happen to be forgetting a lot of things lately (my keys, my house address, etc.) none the less I would much prefer it for you to rename me so I may continue on with my work. Thank you
  4. Faraday
    Faraday Anashel
    Mornin, yet another forgotten agent name :-/ We have to do something about this string of amnesia affecting agents. I'd get right on top of it boss but i seem to have forgotten where I left my car keys :-? Imagine a world of people who have all forgotten their names :-/ It's crazy! So crazy it just might work :-?
  5. r3dc0d3r
    Still have not received my Beta Key for NT4....
  6. BlackPhoenix
    BlackPhoenix Jarobi
    You are the best (according to 'Mason')
  7. shadowdevice
  8. EngeL
    EngeL Anashel
    Hi, I haven't seen any Beta ever since the order ($60). Please, contact me.
    1. Anashel
      Hi! Check your email for your steam beta key. I'll reach you if you don't have the email invite.
      Oct 28, 2017
  9. Legacy_Of_Alexandria
    The Wave of Change comes like the specter of Death, slow but unyielding.
  10. Shinigami
    Death is coming to us all.. spend your time wisely. Apples.
  11. rankiej
    Have a nice day my friend;)
  12. Operator
    RP Roster: Liz, Operator, Cross.
  13. themadhuman
    Go ahead red leader...
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  14. Wo1fsBan3
    I like my coffee like I like my nights. Dark, Endless, and Impossible to sleep through
  15. Jespen
    Jespen Anashel
    Apologies for the inconvenience, but I have misplaced my "Agent Name" identification. I was informed that you might be able to assist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Da Sloth
    Da Sloth Anashel

    Sorry for this inconvenience, I haven't "sign in" in a long time and I forgot my "Agent Name".
    I've been noted that you could help me in this scenario, again, sorry for any trouble.
  17. Nishikawa
  18. Marlak
    Marlak Anashel
    Hello there. I've backed NITE TEAM 4 via kickstarter and now I'd like to receive my agent name and password please. How do I proceed?
  19. VonSchuttgart
  20. Lone